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Western Academy of Beaux Arts 

(est. 1908)      

Report on Fish Counts before and after restoration Project:

KCD letter regarding 2013 Grant Cycle
Future restoration projects at the beach will be delayed by a year while KCD develops a new funding and grant system due to a court ruling.  You can read the letter here:
3/5/12 Archeologist Report:
The archeologists have completed their survey, and no cultural resources were found.  Please read their full report for more detail Report
December 2, 2011 Update:
Shoreline Project
In 2009, King Conservation District (KCD) awarded WABA a planning grant for habitat restoration of the Beaux Arts shoreline The Shoreline Project Committee* has been working with Barker Landscape Architects to develop a proposal for the Beaux Arts Shoreline Project.

Beach restoration and enhancement concept. 

To see the final Shoreline Project Plan click
 on the link below.


The survey of the shoreline is available for you to view by clicking on survey.

To understand the wave dynamics that were of concern in the planning process of this project click on the two links to YouTube videos below:

This first one shows a wave that is reflected in the top graph and two waves of the same initial amplitude that are not reflected in the lower two graphs.


This next one is an actual wave tank experiment of a small incident wave that forms a standing wave as it is reflected from a vertical wall so that it doubles in height.   


*Shoreline-Beach Planning Committee Members:

Joann Bromberg, Chair

Bob Vanderhorn
Marji Jochums
John Gillem
Sue Eulau
Paula Dix
Carol Clemett
Ann Bowen
Peggy Bates

Board Liaison: Paula Dix

Woodlands Liaison: Sheila Justus

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